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Image I’ve been trying to decide what to do for an advent calendar this year. I finally decided to get 25 small ornaments (on sale at Target..) and put one on a small tree each day until Christmas. I thought about putting the grandkids names on the ornaments but since grandchild 25 is due in March I was quickly running out of days until Christmas so I opted to put our children’s names plus mine and my husbands on the small ball. The other days would have the colored pinecone ornaments. I bought a small tree skirt at Hobby Lobby. Now I just needed something to put the ornaments in. I decided to make fabric bags for the ornaments using some Moda fabric.  I used 4 fabrics – 6 inches by wof of the one for the numbers and 9 inches by wof of three others. You could also use 4 fat quarters. Image I cut out the numbers with my Slice Fabrique. This was my favorite part of the whole process and a big reason why I chose fabric bags – I wanted the excuse to cut something…Lots of something.   I decided to use the numerals from the “Vintage Seasons” Fabrique card. Each numeral needs to be cut separately, but it didn’t take very long. ImageTo use the Fabrique you use Slice temporary spray adhesive on a glass mat. Once your mat is sprayed it remains sticky for a long time. My mat was still sticky enough from the last time I cut that I didn’t need to re-spray it. I cut the fabric that I wanted to use for the numerals into two 3 inch strips. To use the Fabrique the fabric needs to have some type of paper on the back, either paper backed fusible or freezer paper. Since I wanted to be able to fuse the numerals on the fabric I used Wonder Under fusing it to the strips. I put the fused fabric on the sticky mat. Image   From the Vintage Seasons SD card I selected the numerals. I cut them all at the 1 size which gave me letters a bit over 1 inch tall. You can see the numeral on the Slice screen. (I took the pic after and didn’t see the size was 2 – I did cut mine on 1.)  I cut all the “1”s first, then the “2”s, etc.   Image   You can see the “2” in the picture to the left. It takes just seconds to cut so it goes quickly. After cutting I would move the fabric over and cut the next numeral.         ImageThen I made the fabric for the bags. I cut 9 inch strips from 3 fabric or if you’re using fat quarters cut the fat quarter into two 9 inch pieces. Then I serged both edges of the fabric using a rolled hem. I put gold metallic thread in the top looper and gold shiny polyester thread in the bottom looper with regular thread in the needle. Pairing poly thread with the metallic makes the sewing go easier. After serging all the long edges I cut them into 4 1/2 inch pieces so the finished pieces are 4 1/2 by 9 having the rolled hem on the 4 1/2 inch sides.   Image Next I fused the numbers on the fabric. I found it was really easy to get the paper off the back of the numbers if I scored the paper with a pin before trying to remove it. I just folded the fabric so I could see where to put the numbers and ironed them on.         ImageThen it was back to the serger where I serged up the sides to make the bags.  Fill and tie with ribbon and you’re done. I found a basket to put all the little bags in and my advent tree is ready. If you decided to do this project send pictures. I’d like to see what you come up with. Till next time…….. Image

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