I have a lot of grandkids…. a LOT of grandkids – 24 to be exact with 25, 26 and 27 on the way. I also LOVE making things for my grandkids although at this point it’s a bit like an assembly line. I found this idea for Valentines on Pinterest – my new favorite thing!

I used my Pazzles to make the front of the hearts. Besides cutting out the hearts I can use a pen tool to have the machine write. Easier than stamping, prettier than handwriting, especially if you’re a bit OCD – or CDO with all the letters being in alphabetical order, as they should be (joke also courtesy of Pinterest).





After writing and cutting the hearts out I then wrote the recipients name on the front and signed the back.



I took old crayons, took off the wrappers and melted them in the oven using a silicone heart baking pan. (300 degrees for 15 minutes) It took 4 crayons for each heart. When you take them out of the oventhey will look like a solid color but underneath they’re not so after the first batch I would take a knife and swirl the color a bit. Let them cool and pop them out.




Tie twine around the hearts, attach them to the card with a foam square and you’re ready to go. (I think this one looks like it’s from Twilight.)





All the Valentines sorted by families ready to go.....


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