Monthly Archives: January 2010

CHA Show


I attended the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Show for the first time last weekend. It’s like Quilt Market for the Craft and Hobby industry, especially scrapbooking. It was a great experience. The classes were great – even some of the business ones. The floor was full of make and takes. Here’s some of the products coming out that I was particularly interested in.

1. A machine to make your own acrylic stamps.  It’s due out in 6 weeks.  You create your artwork and then make it into a negative using software that comes with. You then print it out on clear sheets that also come with. You layer the negative on top of a gel pack and place it into the UV machine. The light hardens the gel under the clear part of the negative. Then you open the gel pack and rinse out the unhardened gel. Place the stamp back under the light to cure and you have your own stamp. You can also use a different gel pack for a harder stamp you can use for embossing.  It also makes stencils but I thought they were a bit thick and liked other ways of making them better.

2. Sizzix Big Shot Pro – This dye cutter is coming out with an identical unit with a different accent color that will be marketed to quilters. It will take the Accuquilt Go and Studio dyes as well as the existing Sizzix dyes and the dyes that Sizzix is developing especially for quilting. There will also be dyes developed – including a strip cutter – that will work in the regular Big Shot Sizzix which can be found for under $100.  I use the sizzix to cut fabric and it works great so I’m really looking forward to this machine.

3. There are 2 new electronic cutting machines coming out, one by Sizzix – the Eclips and one by Craftwell called the eCraft. The sizzix machine is very similar to the cricut but has a few more features. It works with cartridges and the controls are connected to the machine by a cord. The control unit does not operate away from the machine. The eCraft doesn’t use a cutting mat. The material you are cutting feeds in between rollers. Because of this you can cut an unlimited length. It’s run through a computer and comes with cutting files. There will be software to allow you to create your own designs.

4. The Cricut cake was a big hit. It’s a cricut cake is a food grade cricut machine used to cut fondant and icing for cakes. I had heard of users doing this with their regular cricut so wasn’t surprised they were coming out with it but I was really surprised that there were so many people who couldn’t wait to have one.

It was a great show and I had a great time.